Halal Food in Seoul

Where there’s a mosque, usually there’s a halal restaurant nearby. Seoul Central Mosque is located in Itaewon, and yeah.. the roads leading to the mosque were lined with a number of halal restaurants and muslim marts.
I got lost going there for the first time. So here’s the map of the mosque’s location if you wanna go there.

I marked the mosque with red star, and the black star is where you’ll be coming from Itaewon Station
After performing prayer at the mosque, let’s jalan-jalan cari makan! The choices are aplenty, really. However, most of them are Indian, Turkish, Pakistani and Middle Eastern restaurant. Haven’t come across any halal Korean restaurants yet. So sad I couldn’t find halal Bulgogi.
Here are some of the menu’s pricing for your reference.
If the places that I wanted to visit was nearby or they were on the same subway line to Itaewon Station, I stopped here for a while to tapau the kebab or anything. Easier for me, no need to waste time finding foods that I could eat later.
I was really tired after coming back from Nami Island, so I decided to have a nice dinner to relax. Headed to Itaewon and went for buffet dinner at Foreign Restaurant.
For KRW 16500, here’s the choices of food.
There’s also halal meat shops and food marts here if you prefer to prepare your own food.