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Exhibition & Event

Modest Fashion & Seminar 모디스트 패션

교육과정 9월21일 모디스트 패션 디자인이란? 이슬라믹 아트 및 디자인의 중심 요소 9월 22일 실용 이슬라믹 아트 및 디차인의 이슬라믹 아트 및 디자인의 글로벌 잠재력 교육장소 서울창업허브 서울마포구 백범로 31길 21 교육시간 10am~5pm

Exhibition & Event

1.7 Trillion Dollar Islam Economy

온라인 신청서 : ONLINE APPLICATION FORM 교육과정 8월 24일- 할랄 인증, 절차 교육 8월 25일- 이슬람 시장 이해, 무역 절차 8월 31일- 산업현장 교육 9월 1일- 할랄 패션, 디자인/할랄 창업 startup 9월 7일- 할랄 사업 성공 사례 및 컨설팅. 모집대상: 아시아 중동 여행객을 유치하고 싶은 서울시내의 관광 사업장 아시아 중동 문화 및 시장 이해도를 높이고 […]

Halal Friendly Tour

Promotion Korea Halal Business Tour

Promotion Korea Halal Business Tour Seoul Halal Forum and Seminar Halal Food / Halal Restaurant Korea Halal Business Tour Islamic and Halal Culture Tour K-Beauty / Cosmetic / Fashion / Health Halal Industry and Matching Tour Halal Certification and Halal Business Halal Consulting and Services Halal Tour Guide (English/Other)


Seoul International Tourism Industry Fair 2019

The Korea World Travel Fair (KOTFA) is, with its 34 year-history, the largest international travel fair in Korea where 70 countries are participating to promote their tourism resources and cultures.The KOTFA is the only international travel fair in Korea where the official tourism organizations at home and abroad are participating and sponsoring.The KOTFA is supporting […]

Economy News

Indonesia Wants to be the Leader of the World’s Halal Industry

Jakarta – Tired of being the world’s largest halal products consumer, Indonesia now wants to be the top producer of shariah-compliant goods. The country with the largest Muslim population in the world will set up four new halal industrial clusters this year. According to Ignatius Warsito, Director of the Industrial Zone of the Ministry of […]

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