The Thailand Halal Assembly (THA) 2018

The Thailand Halal Assembly (THA) 2018

The Thailand Halal Assembly (THA) 2018 was held from 14-16 December 2018 at BITEC Bangna, comprising two major events: The 11th Halal Science, Industry and Business International Conference 2018 (HASIB 2018) and Thailand International Halal Expo 2018 (TIHEX 2018), plus an exhibition of Tan Sri Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, with his virtuous perspectives, to honour the late Dr. Surin Pitsuwan who continually contributed to HSC as an advisory board member and became a symbol of scientific development associated with the centre.

HASIB 2018 focuses Halal science and industry and business activities around the world. The conferences cover cosmeceutical and nutritional products; OMICs approaches for Halal authentication; Innovative food contact materials in Halal aspects; technological edge for Halal products and services; Halal Bioeconomy and digital marketing; and Academic presentation.

Held under the HASIB 2018, the 5th IHSC International Halal Standard Convention is a meeting of international Halal standards and certification bodies. There are various activities such as Harmonising global Halal standards forum; Mutual recognition agreements between the Halal Standard Institute of Thailand & International Certification Bodies; OIC/SMIC Halal standards workshop; and Public hearing for Thailand’s new Halal standards.

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