ICCIA 30th General Assembly and 19th BOD meeting

Upon an invitation extended from (UTICA), Union of Tunisian Industry and Commerce and traditional rural crafts Organization to ICCIA. ICCIA has held its 30th General Assembly and 19th BOD meeting, at Tunisia during the period of March 31st – 2nd April 2014, Golden Tulip Hotel.
In the Keynote word delivered by Mrs.Widad Boshmawy President of UTICA, she highlighted on the role of the said session in encouraging  and fostering the cooperation relations and the networking between ICCIA’s members on one hand,  and business owners and businesswomen in Islamic Countries on the other .

Mrs.Widad commended the role played by ICCIA as the most active regional organization, as well as the pivotal role of the UTICA as a founding member of ICCIA.

H.E. President of ICCIA Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel focused in his word on the importance of collaboration among Islamic countries in order to empowerment their economics and cooperation in poverty alleviation and creating new job opportunities to minimize the rate of unemployment among Islamic countries. He stressed on the halal products issue and on the fact that ICCIA is the principal representative of the private sector among Islamic countries, and ICCIA will take the necessary arrangements to implement this issue being as the responsible body of issuance of halal certificates.

H.E. Shiekh Saleh pointed in his word to the miserable situations that prevail in Arab nations due to political instability and high rate of unemployment among the youth, Shiekh. kamel said the bad economic conditions lead to the said miserable situations and the economic  changes moved from bad to the worse. He called ICCIA members i.e.  the business owners to play their historical role in facing their responsibilities for improving the land i.e. the enriching the life of the people as a part of worship.

He assured in his word the private sector should put more efforts to create new job opportunities, so the private sector should not concentrate only on profit maximization and should pay attention to the projects, that create more job opportunities for Arab youth .

He concluded his words by praying to Almighty Allah to bless economic stability to Republic of Tunisia and minimize the unemployment rate over there being as one of Tunisian revolution objectives .

H.E.Shiekh Khaleefa Bin Jassim Al Thani, Qatar Chamber of Commerce BOD President and the First Vice President of ICCIA, said in his word , ICCIA BOD meeting held in Tunisia discussed many important issues , including potential sources of ICCIA income and finding new income generating sources. He said in his word Qatar chamber of commerce will going to adopt the issue of halal products a matter that will generate a considerable income flow for both Qatar private sector and for ICCIA as well. Therefore we should not leave the proceeds of this issue under the non-Muslim’s monopoly. Mr.Khaleefa concluded his word by appraising the World Business Development Center “Al Masfaq” .

H.E.Mr.Rifat Hisar Cikli Oglu , TOBB, President and ICCIA Vice president expressed his thanks and appreciation to Tunisian government and UTICA organization for their warm hospitality extended to all delegations of the ICCIA’s meetings, in his word Mr.Oglu called for our financial and economic institutions should be aware and go side by side with rapid changes that take place especially in the economic and financial domains.

Along with the ICCIA meeting H.E.Shiekh Saleh Kamel held a meeting with H.E. Tunisian Prime Minister Mr. Mahdi Gumma, they have discuss the ICCIA Work Plan and other related investment issues, Sheikh Saleh Kamel expressed his sincere appreciation to Tunisia and he appraised the strong presence of the commercial chambers of commerce from all over the Islamic countries to come together to held their meeting in Tunisia.