The remarkable increase of Halal market provides unlimited oppportunities in various fields to entrepreneurs both in Europe and worldwide.

Helal Expo organized by DISCOVER EVENTS with the contribution of Halal Certification Turkey (GIMDES), will be the ideal platform and point of coming together for commercial customers. The organization aims to gather all the companies in Halal Market in Istanbul since Istanbul turned into a trade center due to its geographical location. Halal Expo Fair will be the most special platform, can present companies information, products and services to the entrepreneurs participating worldwide.

International companies will be able to announce their brands, look for new partnerships, improve their existing partnerships, take an opportunity to sign new aggrements and discover new markets. Potential companies can meet with their partners directly, can introduce their products and services.


GIMDES (Halal Certification Turkey) and linked to this association Economic Bussiness Organization (GIMDES Institute Researching of Halal Products) is a non-profit organization, established for research and certifications of halal and healthy products that are belived as the basic elements of life. The organization is focused on food, cosmetics and health products. Since 2005 it has been all GIMDES cares the activities that will increase the level of consciousness of people and tries to use all of the communication channels.

GIMDES conducts researchs and works whether or not additives and industrial foodstuff are Halal which is the main study area. Due to that fundemental acts are stated by collabration of Muslims consisting of Islamic scholars, doctors, food engineers, agronomists, veterinarians and chemists.

For all that GIMDES, planners the studies as; providing control and governance with a certification process, increasing personal and social sensitivity about the basic supplies such as foodstuffs, medicines, cleaning and cosmetic products. For that point GIMDES is active in all social, economic, cultural, artistic, intellectual, commercial, educational and other activities.

Web : http://halalexpo.com.tr/en/about-fair