Press Release – 2015 Halal Expo High-level Halal Personnel to Meet for Heavy, Harmonious Discussions

Appointed honorable advisors for the 2015 Halal Expo.

Appointed honorable advisors for the 2015 Halal Expo.
15 July 2015 – 6:00pm
Marie Kim

Korea’s first halal industry exhibition will take place at Hall C in COEX in Seoul from Aug. 7 to 9. A large number of high-level personnel from authoritative halal organizations will attend the event.

The 2015 Halal Expo logo.

The 2015 Halal Expo logo.

According to the organizing committee of the 2015 Halal Expo Korea (Chairman, Chung Yong-chil, former U.A.E. ambassador), personnel of the Standards and Metrology Institute (SMIC), an affiliated organization of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), authorities of Turkey’s GIMDES, Malaysia’s JAKIM, Indonesia’s LPPOM-MUI, members of the Gulf Halal Center in the U.A.E., and halal certification organization personnel from 10 countries are expected to attend.

Based in Istanbul, the SMIC is an organization devoted to developing standards that are commonly used in 32 Islamic countries including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, the U.A.E., and Malaysia. The affiliated research institute notified the standards for halal food in 2011, which are likely to become international, as the U.A.E. and the Philippines recently accepted them. The Vice Secretary who will lead the delegation to the event is Lotfi Ben Said. Originally from Tunisia, Said is known as an authority in the field of food quality management.

From Aug. 7 to 8, staff from the International Halal Certification will participate in the International Halal Certification Authorities Conference, either as presenters or discussants. The International Halal CB Conference consists of 5 sessions comprised of a briefing on “New Trends in the Global Halal Certification,” a debate on “Strategies of Developing Halal Certification in Korea,” a presentation on “the Future of International Halal Standards,” “Introduction to the Turkish GIMDES Certification,” and a session for signing MOUs or MRAs among local and foreign participants. With the participation of academic and business personnel from home and abroad, the event is expected to be a lively venue for the exchange of ideas on the latest halal issues.

The International Halal Certification Authorities Conference is hosted by the Korea Food Research Institute and jointly organized by the Korea Institute of Halal industry and Korea Halal Cooperative Organization. The event is also sponsored by the Korea International Trade Association and the Korea Muslim Federation.

Overview of the 2015 Halal Expo
Date: Aug. 7 (Fri.) – 9 (Sun.), 2015
Venue: COEX Hall C, Seoul, South Korea
Organizer: Halal Expo Korea Organizing Committee
Management: Korea Food Research Institute, Korea Muslim Business Community, World Expo Co., Ltd.
Exhibition Profile: halal food and beverage, health food, raw material medicines, beauty & cosmetics, logistics, finance, Fashion and other daily products, etc.

Concurrent Events

  1. Conference: Present & Future of Halal Certification and Certification Policy of Korea
  2. Bia Matching: Arrangement for face-to-face business meeting attended by overseas buyers, corporations, institutions and Commercial Attaches of OIC countries to Korea
  3. Job Counseling & Seminar: Job counseling made by relevant companies from Middle East & ASEAN countries Seminar attended by job counseling companies, relevant organizations of Korean Government
  4. Training for Halal Certification: Training for general staff and expert on Halal Certification


For more information, contact the HALAL EXPO KOREA Organizing Committee:

Address: MOI Building 3F, 13, Yangjae-Daero 145-Gil, Gangdong-Gu, Seoul, Korea, 134-830

Phone: +82 70 8824 1000

Fax: +82 2 790 1810



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